Life in Cebu

The quality of life is an important issue for people when deciding if they should live or retire in another part of the world or Cebu in the Philippines. There is high quality housing to be found in Cebu and it is abundant. From beautiful landscaped houses small and huge to condominiums, townhouses and apartment rentals. Electric power, water and communications including IDD telephone lines, mobile phone services and cable TV are readily available. So, be it that you are married or single, Cebu has all you need and more. Cebu also is renowned for having the most beautiful women in the Philippines

The international nature of Cebu City is reflected in the tremendous variety of restaurants and choice of entertainment throughout the city. From simple dining to fine dining. Some can be a little pricey, but the longer you live here you will find the places that are best suited for yourself and your spending power. I myself treat myself only once in a while to a lavish restaurant, however it is nice to know you can live it up when ever you wish.

Health care is generally of decent standard, with well qualified doctors, pharmacists, dentists and nurses on call. As in any country, you have bad doctors and good ones so always remember to get 2nd or 3rd opinions. State of the art medical diagnostic equipment is used in Cebu's hospitals such as Chong Hua, Cebu Doctors Hospital, and Community Hospital etc.. The education system is good with excellent schools to tertiary levels. Many Cebu universities are of an international standard. If you have children of school, age I would seriously recommend that you send them to one of the International schools in Cebu City and not a public school.

Fresh foods arrive daily thanks to the multiple shipping and air links between Cebu and the rest of the world. The variety of goods available ensures international standard shopping with competitive prices. You can find almost anything you need to cook any type of cuisine. Being a good cook myself, I am very fussy to find the right ingredients for my dishes and 99% of the time I do.

Public transport is plentiful but crowded and many residents prefer to drive their own vehicles. A new computerized traffic control system speeds traffic through the city, even in peak hour periods, however be aware, Cebu City does have lots of traffic during rush hours. The jeepney is a major form of transportation in the Philippines. It evolved from surplus U.S. Army Jeeps after World War II. A typical jeepney has a rear entrance with two rows of seats with passengers facing each other. It has entrances in front for the jeepney driver and one passenger. It can seat 16 to 20 passengers. I myself never take them, but many thrifty foreigners do. To me, it is not worth the inconvenience to ride on one of these horrible things and why do I say horrible? Here is why; The are cramped, noisy and hot. If it rains you get soaked as the sides are open even if the driver puts down the plastic side covers. Last but not least and most important of all, pick pockets are always riding them looking for victims, Filipino or foreigner. There are many cheap Charlies here in Cebu no matter how much money they have that will ride jeepneys. I think they are nuts as it is not worth the dangers and hassles. Taxis are unbelievably cheap to ride. It will cost you only about 50 to 60 Peso to go from one point in the city to another or about $1.00 to $1.20. The taxis are air conditioned and take a fraction of the time to get to where you want to go.

Sports and Leisure. Cebu is an island of wide choice and contrast. Scuba diving in a coral wonderland, hiking or mountain bike riding in the hills. The door is open. Excellent golf courses, jet skis, sail boards and boating facilities are widely available. If you wish to be pampered, there is a remarkable choice of world class resorts within easy reach for a quick weekend away. For the indoor enthusiast, the latest computerized ten pin bowling rinks or air conditioned squash courts beckon.

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