Why retire in Cebu

The Philippines
The Best Country in South East Asia To Retire Or Live.

Cebu is a place where you can retire and easily live on $1,500.00 a month!

A Cebu retirement is ideal for living abroad if you don't want to get too far away from the English language.

The Filipino is basically of Malay stock, but also in their blood can be found, Chinese, Spanish, Japanese and American as well as other western blood. For sure, the Philippines has the most welcoming and friendly people of any Asian country. Countries like Malaysia and Thailand may have better infrastructure than the Philippines, but the Philippines has much more in the way of a tropical holiday lifestyle and especially entertainment. Even more so for the single male whether he be 30, 50, or 70! More times than not, he is with a Filipina women he has already married or taken too and he decides to stay in the Philippines. Even if you are married or not, there is something for everyone. Many westerners consider the Philippines a paradise, but the Philippines also has many drawbacks. I strongly advise anyone who is thinking of living here to try living her for a year before deciding to live here permanently and investing in a residence.
One of the more popular retirement areas in the Philippines to retire is the island of Cebu. Cebu is a moderately large island located in the central Visayas in the Philippines. It is located in the center of the Philippines island chain and has ocean and international air access to the rest of the country and other Asian destinations. Cebu's central location in the Philippines and close proximity to other Asia countries, makes it one of the best retirement islands to use as a base for traveling around Asia.

The island of Cebu is elongated and and is about 150 miles in length. A mountain range runs through the middle of the island. Cebu has a deep inlet or harbor that has made it an important seaport through history. Retiring in Cebu is ideal for for those wanting a tropical island environment, but having the choice between a modern environment or a small town or tropical beach setting.
Although the people speak Cebuano, Visaya and Tagalog. English is widely spoken. Because of this, Cebu is becoming a major center of call centers and telemarketing operations in the world. The chances are that if you have dealt with a customer service representative of an American company over the phone, there is a high chance that you have had a conversation with a Filipino in Cebu. Recent immigrants includes Japanese and Koreans. They have made major investments in the Philippines to take advantage of a skilled and a low cost labor force. In recent years Cebu has also become a popular tourist destination and a good place to learn English for many Asians. Cebu is a also a very popular destination for many American expatriates.

A Cebu retirement provides retirees as well as non retirees with more of an at-ease atmosphere in contrast to Manila. However, at the same time Cebu is a city with all the modern urban conveniences and amenities that a westerner would want. On the other side of the coin, a Cebu retirement can also mean a private and quiet beach setting.

Retirement in the Philippines would truly mean living life for less in the exotic paradise! Now, are you up to experience the grandest adventure of your life!

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